We support most of the mainstream platforms

Our solutions are tailored to be implemented on your existing IT infrastructure

Powering the future with technology

Our innovative technology solutions power our clients to achieve the highest performance. We combine business and industry insights with innovative technology to drive growth for your business.

Transform your business with IoT

Put the Internet of Things (IoT) to work for you 24/7 around the year. Drive digital transformation across your business with end-to-end IoT solutions that can be tailored for any business need.

Developed on the top of leading plateforms

All of our products and solutions are specifically designed to be compatible with the world’s leading platforms including: Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, PostgreSQL, Java and so on.

Our core competencies

Experience and skills

Experienced team of web developers with infinite passion for support.


95 %

We are very strong expertise in web-apps development backed by proven industry experience.


90 %

We are a team of researchers and scientists experts in data science.


98 %

Industry experts in the field of advance mechatronics to deliverer IoT solutions.


80 %

Industries we have worked with

Full farm operations and processes automation for smart security provision, energy efficiency, data recording and real-time analytics.

Full scale campus management system for multi-users and multi-user groups with dashboards for students, teachers, parents, admins, finance and management. Real-time attendance, phone notifications etc.

Cognition based big data analytics for complex diagnostics powered by IBMs state of the art WATSON AI health knowledge base with multi-million real-world examples.

Retail & HR
Predictive modeling for customers behavior analysis, identifying opportunities, assigning tasks to sales and marketing teams, identify leads, minimize churning, etc.

How we work

Do you have an idea to automate your business processes? Do you want a smart program to monitor the progress and performance? Do you want AI to guide your business decisions driven by the data? Talk to us, we will put pieces together to design and develop a comprehensive solution for your business.

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