We provide the most comprehensive suite of data-driven products

Web applications and IoT solutions

Data products

We provide comprehensive suite of applications and service for data collection, economic modelling, machine learning, predictive analysis, behavioral analysis, forecasting, business intelligence.

Web app solutions

Multi-user web applications for data collection, process monitoring, hardware controlling, performance analysis, sending notifications, setting reminders, task scheduling, reporting and anomaly detection.

Integrated IoT solutions

Our IoT solutions are tailored to meet your specific business needs to transform your it with next generation technological solutions for optimum operational efficiency with highest accuracy.

Products and solutions

We deliver technology at its best. Ideas arise and we make it happen, truly transforming dreams into reality.

Big data and Machine Learning

Custom applications to improve efficiency and profitability. Machine learning applications powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for demand forecasting, predictive analysis, risk minimization.
  • Predictive analysis
  • Demand forecast
  • Personality analysis
  • Minimize risk

Customers behavior analysis

Powerful applications built on robust analytics platforms. We help our customers to unify their customer data, analyze behavior, and power campaigns to drive purchases and future retention.
  • Identify opportunities
  • Power marketing campaigns
  • Customer retention
  • Minimize churning

Personalized advance analytics

We develop analytical solutions to run on the top of your existing IT infrastructure. We do not require our customer spend large sums of money to deploy any specific technologies.
  • Analytics tailored for your business
  • Designed to meet your specific needs
  • Integrate on existing IT infrastructure
  • Patterns recognition, analysis & reporting

Facility manager

Comprehensive data-driven management solutions for educational institutions, aqua-culture, agricultural and dairy farms. High quality multi-user web-apps developed on robust platforms.
  • Campus/chain management
  • Performance and monitoring dashboards
  • Data entry, management and reporting
  • Multi-user, robust and highly secure

Route optimization

Live dispatch software solutions compatible with IOS and Android devices to automate the best routing options, messenger, national or regional carriers, distribution, and last mile logistics operations.
  • Best route planning
  • On demand dispatches
  • Live data streaming and tracking
  • GPS tracking

Fleet management

Our fleet management applications provide businesses ability to manage fleets with real-time visibility of vehicle location, status and various diagnostics to run the most efficient fleet possible.
  • Real-time status and location
  • Distance traveled
  • Real-time alerts and warnings
  • Live vehicle diagnostics

Agri-tech monitors

Advance technologies combined to deliver hard to do tasks on farm. Inspect hard to reach-sites during anytime of the day during any weathers conditions just with few clicks or touch of finger.
  • Auto-pilot/manual drone inspection
  • Operate under harsh weather conditions
  • Anytime of the day
  • Control from computer/mobile

Agri-tech management

Automate farm operations with smart devices. Our customized solutions enable customers to automate processes, schedule operations and monitor performance from a mobile/computer.
  • Automate processes
  • Monitor progress and performance
  • Schedule devices to run
  • Control from anywhere

Facility manager

A range of web-based software and hardware packages to smartly manage security gates, automatic entry and exit, smart homes, surveillance systems, switches.
  • Smart gates
  • Smart homes
  • Smart security
  • Smart process automation

Track orders & sales

Make informed decisions with our comprehensive dashboards to keep real-time track of goods and services sold to your customers. Which products are growing in demand? Where most of the orders are coming from? Is there any seasonality in demand?
  • Real-time
  • Seamless flow of information
  • Minimize roadblocks
  • Enable informed decision making

Performance reporting

Our Rshiny dashboards can help answer critical questions like how my team is tracking against the targets and KPIs? Visualise revenue streams from various markets drillable by an individual salesperson. Identify gaps & improve service delivery.
  • Identify opportunities
  • Find leads
  • Discover gaps
  • Reward the best

Planning and forecasting

Better plan your service delivery with our intelligent forecasting enabled Rshiny dashboards. There is no limit to adding smart capabilities to our dashboards to meet your business needs.
  • Planning ahead
  • Setting targets
  • Stay ahead
  • Optimize revenue

Our core specialty is to combine smart software and hardware to perform complex business tasks at any scale and speed.

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  • Global community
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